Backford, Mollington & District Local History Society


Time Capsule - Reminiscences

On 31st December 2000, people from the townships buried a capsule containing information and objects which reflected every aspect of life in the five townships including information about the parishes, their people, buildings, industry, farming, local wildlife and even the weather. The capsule was donated by Deva Engineering who were also responsible for sealing it before it was placed in the ground. 

Memories - One of the items in the capsule was a book entitled "Parish Reminiscences", compiled by John Hess. This recorded the memories of sixty parishioners, going from the first world war to the present. 

In addition, Ann Parsons put together a further set of reminiscences in a leaflet for the capsule, and quotations from that leaflet are given here. They illustrate some of the vivid memories of those long time residents, Lorna Hodgson (Backford), Fred Jones (Mollington), Connie Lightfoot (Backford Cross), Fred Littler (Lea), Harry Southern (Chorlton), Sarah Wallace (Backford), Allen Williams (Lea) and Peter Woodward (Lea).

St Oswalds Church - The present church building was begun in the late 13th century, while it's parish may well have been carved at the same time from the north Chester parish of St Oswald.