Backford, Mollington & District Local History Society

The Coronation Oak in Mollington

Planted 20 June 1911

An extract from the 1 July 1911 edition of Chester Chronicle reported:

"The participants assembled near Mollington Post Office at 12:30 precisely. The Rev J M New formed them into a procession and they marched to the spot (on Townfield Lane) where the tree was to be planted. In advance came the Connah's Quay Silver Prize Band, and after the band walked Mrs and Miss Olive Frost (of Mollington Hall) followed by Parish Councillors wearing rosettes of white ribbon. Next came the festivities committees wearing their badges, then the children of the parishes carrying Union Jacks, and at the rear the residents."

"Upon arriving at the selected spot, Miss Olive Frost, Mrs Frost and the councillors stood upon the stone coping of the low surrounding wall, the children formed up, and Mr J A Dodd, vice-chairman of the council called upon Miss Frost to plant the tree, at the same time handing her a beautifully chased silver-plated spade to perform the task."

"Afterwards the procession re-formed and marched into the Hall grounds, where a monster programme of sports took place. The band discoursed beautiful music during the afternoon and for dancing in the evening."