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Village Hall - Before

Village Hall - After

The Village Hall was built in 1950 on the site of an old sand quarry. The exposed sides of the abandoned quarry face then remained unaltered, but eventually became covered in an untended but dense growth of sycamore. Much debris, fallen branches and the like, accumulated over the years, so that the affacted area - more than one acre - was neither attractive woodland nor a useful place for walks. All that has now been changed by this project. In 2001 the Village Hall committee applied for a grant from the Forestry Commission and with the help of forestry experts drew up a plan of clearance and replanting. The number of sycamores through the body of the wood was to be reduced and the ground cleaned of waste, allowing space for other species like oak, ash and beech to be introduced. At the same time a natural screen of trees would be left to conceal the road and industrial property beyond. Rubbish on the site would be taken away. Finally, a path running through the wood and with access to the Hall was to be constructed, making room for a small picnic area. There and along the path bird feeding stations and wildlife boxes could be provided, for the benefit of children and adults alike. Eventually support was received not only from the Forestry Commission, but from the Shell Better Britain Campaign and Chester City Council. The appointed contractors, Flintshire Woodlands, started work in March 2003, and the scheme has been carried to completion. Now a sub-committee of the VIllage Hall will undertake to maintain their new facility, assisted for the first three years by Flintshire Woodlands themselves. The whole scheme has undoubtedly been a success for cooperation between all people and.....