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Our Farms

Collinge Farm

Collinge Farm has a fair history behind it. The current house built on large sandstone block foundations was built in the early 1800’s with an extension dated 1846.

The whole building complex sits on higher ground to the east of the A41 and just off Rakes Lane with extensive views to Wales

The land has been farmed by Mike Cheers and his wife Ann since 1984, and before that his father since 1975. The farm was previously cultivated by Fred Jones.

The current farm consists of 150 acres. 60 acres are put to corn, 15 acres to maize, with the rest pasture for Cattle and Horses

There is currently 150 head of cattle being reared for beef and stabling for 25-30 Horses with livery

Proposals are in hand to make the farm more viable ,

The one proposal is to obtain planning permission for tipping to fill recesses in the landscape. This scheme has been severely modified , allowing top soil only and limiting the traffic movement to 10 lorries per day into Rake Lane

The proposal is to tip 160,000 tons of top soil.

The revised plan has been re submitted for planning approval.

Proposals are also in hand to convert the sandstone outbuilding to six or so 3 bed Holiday Lets.

This proposal is also awaiting planning permission

Stables for conversion

Former sandstone quarry used to provide the stone for Backford Church.